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'16 and Pregnant' star Valerie Fairman dead of detectable overdose World Politics recreational Gossip Movies TV Music Theater Arts Crosswords recreational Pics Horoscopes Daily Weekly Monthly Lifestyle Health Food Viva Opinion Autos Buyer's Guide Ratings Reviews News Views Photos Galleries Covers Classifieds Trending: CITIZENSHIP NOW philando castile BEYONCE BILL COSBY OPIOID land The young mother was found unresponsive in the bathroom of a friend's home in Coatestville, pa. On sunday. Her friend broke down the bathroom door when she did not respond to calls after a long time, TMZ accounted. Paramedics arrived and declared that Fairman a "effortless DOA [DEAD ON entrance], The paramedic also wanted a container for a needle on the 911 call, secured by TMZ. '16 and Pregnant' star busted for prostitution: police Valerie Fairman one of the featured celebrities of "16 and currently pregnant" Season 2 died of an apparent overdose on sunday. (Valerie Fairman via flickr) Her family informed TMZ that the explanation for death was likely an overdose. the reality TV star struggled with drug problems for years as documented on the MTV series "16 and currently pregnant 2, "We are saddened by good news of Valerie Fairman's passing, The network said in an announcement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at that point, Fairman is the caretaker to 7 year old Nevaeh, Who is now in the concern of Fairman's mother. The child lived with adoptive parents for an extended time during the series as Nevaeh's father Matt struggled to accept that he was the dad. Just this morning, Fairman was taken into police custody for resisting arrest after providing the authorities a fake id. in the 2014, She was busted for prostitution by an undercover cop in New fort, delete. The coroner is conducting a toxicology report to discover the exact cause of death. Fairman's mother Janice said her daughter attemptedto get clean for years before she died.