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fake id scan 'Abducted' Girl can be found After 10 Years Garcia, 41, Has been arrested on suspicion of abduction, rape, Lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. Investigators say Garcia moved home frequency to avoid detection, Gave the girl multiple fake identities and obtained night shift cleaning jobs for himself and the victim so he could keep keep an eye on her. The unwilling recipient, Who is not identified, Lived with Garcia under what detectives described as "Sustained both mental and physical abuse, She is told have been sexually abused and bore a child to her captor in 2012, Five years after she was obligated to marry him. detectives say Garcia had been in a relationship with the girl's mother, Who diagnosed he was sexually abusing her daughter. June 2004, gun attacked the mother before drugging the girl and driving her to a house in Compton where he locked her in a garage. based on police, The accused imprisoned her in a garage and told her that her family had stopped searching her and they would be deported if she went to police. "You're speaking about a 15 year old girl that's in a new country, Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna said of the unwilling recipient, Who had entered the US unlawfully from Mexico and spoke no English. "She's got nowhere fast to go, But after being locked up for a starter, She eventually began to lead what appeared from the outside to be a normal life. next door neighbours said they were stunned at the news and described the two as a normal couple who went to church, Hosted parties for their friends and appeared to love their youngster. snacks her like a queen, He does his best to do whatever she'd like, neighbor Maria Sanchez said. Reports suggested the woman might not have tried to escape earlier due to a case of Stockholm syndrome, In which victims of kidnappings sympathise along with their abductors. After years of emotional and physical abuse, The unwilling recipient, at present 25, approached police after finding her sister on Facebook, Say detectives. She initially reported an instance of domestic violence, But then the full story began to emerge. The case has similarities to the Cleveland kidnapping three women were encountered with rape and beatings by their abductor Ariel Castro during about a decade in captivity. lowest price outlet us online fake id scan
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'Afghan Girl' in jail for forging Pakistani id cards

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'Afghan Girl' Sharbat Gulla in jail during home raid for forging Pakistani id cards 'Afghan Girl' in jail for forging Pakistani id cards

Facebook email The haunting image of Sharbat Gula, Taken in a Pakistan refugee camp by photographer Steve McCurry, Became the most well-known cover image in the magazine's history. (HO/AFP/Getty image samples)

domestic Geographic's famed "Afghan date" Was arrested for employing a fake Pakistani identification card. photographer Steve McCurry captured Gulla's striking green eyes in a photograph that appeared on the 1985 cover of National Geographic a story on the Afghani refugee crisis. Gulla was living in a refugee camp in Pakistan might be the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan,/p>

McCurry tracked Gulla down in 2002 in Afghanistan, Where she was married to a baker and had three little ones,/p>

renowned photographer's asst,/p>

within April 2014, Gulla created a Pakistan identity card with her two "daughters" Using fake reports, based on the AFP. as Sharbat Bibi, Gulla claimed she was a Pakistani citizen that had been born in Peshawar in January 1969,/p>

Gulla is one of thousands of Afghanis reported to forge id cards or live in Pakistan. It is quite normal for Afghan refugees to list fake relatives so others can get papers too,/p>

Sources told India Today yr after that "This is a common practice among Afghan refugees whereby they list names of non relatives as their kids to obtain documents,/p>

Shahid Ilyas from the FIA said some administrators were fired for providing Gulla with a fake id and that she has since been living in hiding to avoid arrest,/p>
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