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buy fake id uk 'Afghan Girl' from iconic 1985 domestic Geographic cover arrested in Pakistan Sharbat Gula, Who gained worldwide understanding in 1985 after a photo of her appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine, Was arrested in Pakistan on friday on fraud charges, Pakistan Dawn rag reported. Gula is accused of using a forged identification and was reportedly arrested under the name Sharbat Bibi in Peshawar. She became known as the Girl after the iconic image made her a face recognized across the globe. But she was only a face for ages, As her identity was unknown for nearly two decades after the photo magazine. Sharbat Bibi in custodianship. (FIA handout) photographer Steve McCurry encountered Gula, several from Afghanistan who had fled war in their native country, surviving in a refugee camp in Pakistan when he shot the photo, Which shown her piercing green eyes. She was considered 12 at the time. But it wasn't until 17 years later that anyone came to know her name. Gula was married at age of 13, And is now a mother to three children. When domestic Geographic finally tracked down her family in 2002, Her brother supposedly said, "Sharbat hasn't known a happy day, Except probably day of her marriage, She returned to Afghanistan and was supposedly living in a remote village there. In a 2013 they're competent with NBC Today show, McCurry says the image had nearly been passed over by an editor. photographer Steve McCurry poses next to his photos of the Girl named Sharbat Gula at the opening of the by Life exhibition of his work at the Museum for Art and Trade in Hamburg, northern Germany on June 27, 2013. (ULRICH PERREY/AFP/Getty photographs) The AFP reports that Pakistan Federal investigating Agency (FIA) Arrested Gula in her home following a two year investigating. caught Sharbat Gula, An Afghan young lady, Today for acquiring a fake id card, A lawmakers official told the AFP. She was arraigned with fraud under Pakistan Corruption Act and faces up to 14 years in prison and a fine of $3,000 in which to $5,000. Gula also came to be known as the Lisa of the Afghan War. McCurry, with regard to, shown shock at the news and said, Am committed to doing everything possible to provide legal and financial support for her and her family. the complete story at BuzzFeed. price melt down outlet online sale buy fake id uk
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'Afghan Girl' surviving in Pakistan with fake papers photographer Steve McCurry poses next to his photos of the 'Afghan Girl' named Sharbat Gula at an exhibition of his work at the Museum for Art and Trade in Hamburg, australia in 2013,/p> Sharbat Gula became a worldwide symbol after her haunting image, sucked in a Pakistan refugee camp, was on the magazine's famous June 1985 cover. She and her family had fled Afghanistan in 1984 following a Soviet invasion,/p> The 12 year old girl's identity was not known until the photographer, sam McCurry, Tracked her down in a tiny Afghanistan village in 2002. She had married a baker and was raising three daughters,/p> in the April 2014, Gula requested for a Pakistan identity card with her two "daughter's" Using fake writings, The AFP noted,/p> your girl "daughter's" Rauf Khan and Wali Khan are likely are not related to her, administrators said. Having sons does not align with the life McCurry found her leading with three daughters in 2002,/p> Sharbat Gula (Sharbat Bibi), Who was featured on the duvet cover of National Geographic Magazine as a 12 year old girl in 1985, Has reportedly been living in Pakistan with fake papers for the last year with her two 'sons'. (NADRA)

Four officials were suspended wed for giving her and her "daughter's" The id phone cards, India Today noted,/p> Gula's blurry id picture, Taken in fluorescent lighting against a white background, Shows exactly the striking eyes against an older face,/p> Gula's others who live nearby in Peshwar said she and her husband, an area baker named Rehmat Gul on his id card, Left their home a month ago,/p> Gula is one of thousands of Afghanis who go around Pakistan's computer to get national id cards, which are available only for Pakistani citizens, administrators said. It is not unusual for Afghan refugees to list fake relatives so others can get papers too, many said,/p>
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